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Our past projects showcase our expertise in various industries and our ability to deliver results. We invite you to browse our portfolio to see how we have helped businesses like yours achieve their goals.

Fintech Company - Banking the Un-banked

BDpro performed business development services on behalf of a fin-tech company that specializes in banking the un-banked. Firstly, we took several meetings with our client to understand exactly what they wanted to achieve. We than began to qualify potential synergies and connected our client with c-suite decision makers from some of the biggest banks in the world, including Banco Columbia, Santander Brazil, Credit Agricole Egypt, Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi, United Bank for Africa.

Canary Wharf London

CFD Trading Platform in Acquisition of Crypto Exchange

A large-scale CFD trading platform used our consultancy services to assist in an acquisition deal with a budget of $1bn. BDpro vetted hundreds of crypto exchanges through video interviews with c-suite executives in order to shortlist the best suited acquisition opportunities. This was achieved through the creation of an acquisition portfolio contained details on the specific information requested by our client. Once delivered, BDpro connected CEO's and Founders selected by our client from the acquisition portfolio to begin negotiations. 



Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

BDpro performed business development services on behalf of an EV charging station manufacturer whose aim it was to expand into a new region. After analyzing the target environment we successfully connected our client with 10+ companies and a government official from the chamber of commerce in the respective country. We assisted our client in the negotiation process until a successful deal was made.

Electric Car
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